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The Benefits of Classroom Rugs

by Pierce Smith on April 29, 2020

Classroom Rugs & Kids Area Rugs 

Studies have consistently shown that a child's brain is more receptive to learning during the first years of life than at any other point in time. In fact, by the age of five, 90% of the brain's capacity has already developed. Therefore, it is never too early to get a head start on your child’s education. 

One easy and effective way to cultivate a learning environment for your young one is with classroom rugs or kids area rugs. Such educational carpets offer an ideal way to both decorate a playroom or classroom while educating young children. Interactive and engaging, classroom rugs can stimulate and inspire in a multitude of ways. 

In addition to the educational benefits, these rugs offer other classroom or playrooms enhancements such as noise reduction and improved comfortability. Keep reading to learn all about the various types of classroom rugs and their many benefits:

 Types of Classroom Rugs:

From mathematics to music, classroom rugs can educate young kids in just about any subject. Let’s take a look at the different types of classroom rugs and the educational benefits they provide.

Literacy Rugs 

From the simple ABC’s to grammar definitions, literacy rugs offer endless opportunities for educational lessons, games, and seating spots. Why have a solid carpet in your classroom when your preschoolers could be learning the alphabet or getting inspired to read? 

Reading Cave Area Rug

Art and Music rugs 

From musical notes to color schemes, these creative carpets are a great way to teach the basics of art and music to your little Mozart or Da Vinci.  An essential for any music center, room, or fun group activity, these educational carpets can teach kids all things art or music – from the primary and secondary colors to the keys on the piano.

Music Classroom Rug

 Bilingual Rugs

It’s a globalizing world so why not let your kids learn another language while they roll around on a rug. There are all types of bilingual rugs out there that can educate kids on both language and culture. Vamonos! 

Religious Kids Rugs

From Buddhist meditation stations to Bible verses and imagery, religion-themed kids area rugs are ideal decorations for play areas in Churches, Synagogues, Temples and more. 

Religious Kids Area Rug

Animal-Themed Kids Area Rugs 

Kids love animals. However, when they are young, they may have trouble remembering the difference between a giraffe and an elephant. That's where animal-themed classroom rugs come in. Not only do they help children learn about the vast animal kingdom but they are fun and engaging as well. 

Animal-themed kids area rug

Geography Rugs

From the countries of Asia and Africa to the 50 states, these rugs will imprint the world’s geography into your developing kids's minds. Whether it’s inspiring their young minds with a passion for travel or implanting state Capitols into their memories, geographical classrooms will teach your children the world. 

Geography Rug

STEM Rugs 

Get their young minds inspired and wired to explore subjects that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From geometric shapes to logic patterns to the basics of arithmetic, these rugs will acquaint children with numbers and formulas, forming a STEM foundation that will serve a lifetime.  

STEM Kids Area Rug 

Other Benefits of Classroom Rugs:

In addition to the educational benefits, classroom rugs also provide a whole host of logistical and safety conveniences that you may not have considered. Let’s take a look at some of the ancillary benefits of buying these kids area rugs: 

Noise reduction improves learning

A study conducted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has shown that background noise from inside and outside the classroom distracts children, negatively affecting their learning. It is such an issue that some school districts are state-mandated to adopt specific acoustics standards. Well, classroom rugs are a sure-fire way to guarantee these standards are met – up to 10x more efficient in reducing noise compared to other flooring options.

Classroom rugs improve safety 

A study of 225 “slip and fall incidents” from hospital records found that only 17 percent sustained injuries when falling on rugs, while nearly 50 percent sustained injury on hardwood or concrete floors. As many schools have hard flooring, classroom rugs also offer a layer of protection that could literally save lives. 

Classroom rugs are warm and comfortable 

Not only do carpets or rugs produce a comfortable place for teachers and young students to expand their learning space onto the floor, but also, they tend to create a warmer room temperature. So rather than freezing all winter on tile floors, provide kids with warm and comfy areas to roll around and learn.