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What Size Area Rug Do You Need?

by Pierce Smith on April 13, 2020
A lot of thought goes into buying an area rug.  First, you have to consider color, texture, and style.  Do you want natural fiber or synthetic fiber?  Do you want wool, cotton, nylon?  The options are endless
Despite the overwhelming abundance of options on the market, one of the most challenging elements of buying a rug is making sure it fits properly into the room.
How are you going to ensure that the rug you purchased is going to fit snugly into your dining room or bedroom?  What is the right, rug-to-room ratio?  How can you be sure there will be enough space?  Will there be too much space?  These are all important considerations, especially for those shopping online.  After all, you aren't going to order a rug to find out it doesn't fit properly into the room you have bought it for.
In fact, such concerns could be enough to prevent one from even considering buying a rug online.  Do you find yourself in this boat?  Eager to complete your living room, but still unsure about the exact proportions you'll need?
Well, worry no longer because we've got you covered.  Keep reading for some important guidelines and tips, coming from area rug experts, to help you size a rug for a given room.
Getting Started
In order to get started, you are going to need measuring tape to find out the exact proportions of the room for which you are buying the rug.  If you are only looking to cover a portion of a room, treat that area as a room within a room.
The general rule of thumb is that you are always going to want to leave at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug edges.  Consider this when establishing the upper bounds of the size of the rug you are willing to buy.
Also, always remember that larger rugs make a room appear bigger.  So, if that is not your desired outcome, then you're going to want to consider buying a smaller rug.
Rug-to-Room Ratio Recommendations
 Room Size Rug Size
5' x 7' 3' x 5'
7' x 10' 5' x 8'
10' x 12' 8' x 10'
11' x 14' 9' x 12'
14' x 17' 12' x 15'
As you can see this normally means the rug covers about 50-70% of the room
Living Room Rugs
For larger rooms, it is best to size the rug so that all the furniture is entirely on the rug.  For smaller rooms,  use a rug size that allows all the furniture to be off the rug or only the front legs on the rug, this is especially true for the sofa.
Dining Room Rugs
Selecting a rug size for the dining room is pretty straight forward - the legs of the chairs should sit comfortably on the rug.  This means you should leave 18-24 inches of the rug on all sides, for chairs to get pushed back.  Also, remember, rugs should be sized to fit the room, not the table.
Bedroom Rugs
For bedrooms, there are generally two different approaches.  Rugs can be placed around the bed, with runners anchoring each side and a larger rug by the foot of the bed, or a rug can be placed horizontally under the bed with part of the rug exposed on each side.  Just to make sure there are at least 18 inches of the rug on either side of any beds, to step onto.
Making the purchase
Finding the right size rug for your home or office can be tricky.  However, when in doubt, leave it to the experts.  If you follow the advice outlined above you should have all you need to get the perfect-size rug for your room.  If you check the rug selection at, you'll find that we have rug sizes to fit just about any room.  So, get to shopping and complete your room with that rug you've always dreamed of!