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Residential carpet tiles are a great way add a touch of softness to a room, hallway, or basement.  Carpet tiles are easy to install, long lasting, easy to replace and maintain.  They can be installed in minutes by anyone and can provide a very professional look to any bedroom, office, or basement.

Residential Carpet Tiles (22)

Peel and Stick Highland (16 Tiles/Case)


Peel and Stick Crochet Peel (15 Tiles/Case)


Peel and Stick Accent (8 Tiles/Case)

1 review

Peel and Stick Couture (15 Tiles/Case)


Peel and Stick Accent Planks (8 Tiles/Case)


Peel and Stick Mosaics (15 Tiles/Case)

1 review

T180 Silken Treasure Plush- Peel and Stick


T170 Grand Illusions Loop - Peel and Stick


Peel and Stick Roanoke (10 Tiles/Case)